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Potts Lawyers

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Little do most people know, there are areas of commercial law that can lead to prosecution. There have often been cases in Australia of criminal prosecutions of high profile business leaders, highlighting the need for professional advice in matters of civil and criminal law.

The Potts Lawyer’s legal team offer services in areas where legislation governing business include criminal sanctions for those in breach of their obligations. Our experienced team of white collar lawyers include those with forensic accounting skills and corporate law expertise.

We can appear in all criminal and traffic matters in all courts throughout Queensland, providing you with strategic advice and effective representation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Commercial Law

Our white collar lawyers specialise in areas where business legislation can include criminal sanctions for those involved. We have experience in areas of Commonwealth Offences, matters of fraud, workplace or OH&S offences, and a huge range of other commercial law matters. Read more about Potts Lawyer’s commercial lawyers.

Commercial & Civil Litigation

At Potts we are primarily a litigation practice, undertaking both criminal and civil litigation cases. We take the time to listen to your concerns so we can design a litigation strategy to meet your specific objectives, interests, and budget. Read more about Potts Lawyer’s commercial & civil litigation lawyers.

Criminal Law

We have criminal law specialists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are one of the largest criminal law practices in Australia, boasting combined experience of over 100 years of practice. For everything from traffic infringements to assault, drug charges and major fraud, make sure you speak to a professional. Read more about Potts Lawyer’s criminal lawyers.

If you have any concerns over matters of commercial or criminal law contact us for advice.