BGM Family Lawyers

BGM Family Lawyers

Address: Suite 7, 5 Jowett Street Coomera QLD 4205
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BGM Family Lawyers are a boutique law firm based on the Gold Coast specialising in Family Law. At the cutting edge of the practice of Family Law, BGM's experienced Directors have dedicated their legal careers to the field of family law and will provide expert advice on your matter.

Whether you have recently separated and need to know the next steps, are ready to formalise outcomes or need some clarity on what could occur from a legal point of view if separation did ever occur, BGM Family Lawyers can provide professional advice and representation during this often challenging time.

This includes:-

  • Parenting arrangements
  • Finanical matters
  • Property settlement
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Financial agreements
  • Children's matters

Some cases will require a Judge to determine them, although there are many that will not.

Litigation can be tough on everyone involved including the children, the families, loved ones and their businesses. If there is scope to avoid litigation, then we will do all that we can to avoid Court.

The non-litigation approaches which might be suitable for your case include:-

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE)
  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative Divorce

Whatever your case involves, these is a very high chance that we’ve seen it before – there’s not many family law situations we have not seen and solved. And if your case is complex, we'll embrace that.

We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and many courts throughout Queensland. Contact BGM today to discuss your matter.

Address: Suite 7, 5 Jowett Street Coomera QLD 4205
Phone: (07) 5510 4808
Email: [email protected]