Rawlings Criminal Law

Rawlings Criminal Law

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People choose Rawlings Criminal Law when they are in trouble.

Engaging an expert criminal lawyer with years of experience is the first step to achieving a successful outcome in your case.

The team at Rawlings Criminal Law consists of experienced criminal lawyers who practice smart, strategic advocacy. We take pride in ensuring that every avenue has been analysed and explored to protect your rights and obtain the best result in your case.

We understand that every criminal case is unique and to that end, we will keep in close contact with you and ensure that you are informed about every decision that we make in relation to your legal matter.

With Rawlings Criminal Law in your corner, you will get both the fierce representation you require and the personal attention you deserve.

Criminal Law

Criminal charges can have serious consequences including fines and jail time

Our areas of criminal law expertise include domestic violence, drug offences, burglary, dishonesty, robbery, drink driving, sexual offences, assaults, and homicide. Read more about Rawlings Criminal Lawyers.